Amid the storm of the global pandemic, the idea of creating Bright Speech was inspired by my experiences as a volunteer with Smile Canada Support Services. I saw first-hand the trials parents faced trying to help their children reach their communication goals. Lack of resources, financial strain, confusing policies, and language barriers – the challenges were overwhelming. Yet, I watched in awe as these heroic parents and caregivers partnered with clinicians and therapists in our parent coaching program, persisting against the odds to help their children thrive. Witnessing these parents achieve such incredible results in such hard times was humbling, to say the least. It was more than inspiring – it was a call to action.

 Motivated by what I saw, I knew I wanted Bright Speech to embody the same spirit of resilience. I adopted a guiding philosophy: "The best way to meet a person’s communication needs is within their families”. This family-centered approach became the cornerstone of everything we do at Bright Speech.

 I committed myself to providing families with affordable, high-quality programs centered around them. These programs are not just designed to engage and involve families but also to empower and support them in their journey to help their children achieve their communication goals. In my eyes, Bright Speech isn't just a practice. It's a community of strength, support, and resilience, standing together to overcome the challenges we face.